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King, Kitrick, Jackson, McWeeney & Wells, LLC, adeptly handles a wide range of personal injury matters in and around Ocean County, New Jersey, and neighboring regions. To experience our attentive legal services firsthand, call or e-mail our law office regarding any of the following:

Car accidents: A prompt investigation is critical to discovering all causes of an accident and injuries.
Drunk driving accidents: Timing may be especially important in the case of a crash involving a driver with an elevated blood alcohol level.
Truck and bus accidents: Commercial vehicle accident cases often have complex insurance issues to resolve. Contact a law firm with ample experience helping the injured obtain compensation.
Motorcycle accidents: An injured motorcyclist should not be presumed to be at fault without a detailed investigation. Unfortunately, police, insurance companies and juries often assume this is the case without sufficient evidence.
Pedestrian accidents: We can help you obtain compensation after a hit-and-run crosswalk accident or any type of pedestrian accident.
Boating accidents: Our law firm has helped boating accident victims in Toms River, Monmouth County, Ocean County and throughout the state.
Defective products: Sometimes an investigation into the cause of a car or boating accident case reveals that a defective part contributed to the crash.
Slip-and-fall: If you suffered a broken bone, back injury or head injury in an ice and snow accident or other premises accident, we can evaluate your case .
• Dog bites: Listen carefully to the advice of a plastic surgeon. Do not settle a dog bite case until you have a clear idea of the prognosis.
Construction accidents: There may be a third-party liability claim in addition to a workers’ compensation case after a workplace accident at a building site. This is also true of any type of on-the-job injury.
• Toxic torts: If you were made sick or if your family member died because of exposure to toxic chemicals, talk to a personal injury attorney.
Spinal cord injury: We understand that you need compensation not only for medical treatment after a serious accident, but also for rehabilitation and personal care long term.
Burn injury: Be careful not to settle a burn injury claim too soon. You may need plastic surgery at a later time. Talk to a lawyer to learn how to get your medical bills paid now as well as plan for the future.
Wrongful death: Next of kin gratefully turn to King, Kitrick, Jackson & McWeeney, LLC, for respectful legal services and confident representation after a fatality. Our lawyers manage wrongful death claims for bereaved family members.

Personal Injury Law Questions

I’ve been injured by the fault of somebody else, now what?

Your health is most important.  You need to focus on healing by seeking appropriate and effective medical treatment for all of your injuries. Once you retain an attorney at KKJMW, it is our job to worry about everything else and obtain the maximum monetary compensation available to you in your case.


When should I consult with a Personal Injury attorney at KKJMW?

There is a never a bad time to consult with a personal injury attorney if you or a loved one has been injured by somebody else, but it is often most advantageous to speak to a personal injury attorney as soon after the injury as possible.   Talking to one of our experienced trial attorneys with knowledge of the complex personal injury process can provide you with direction and support moving forward, and will provide you with an advocate fighting for justice and monetary compensation on your behalf every step of the way.  

Here at KKJMW, all personal injury consultations are free and we don’t receive a fee unless we recover monetary compensation on your behalf.


How much is my Personal Injury claim worth?

Each case is unique.  Factors in determining case value can include, but are not necessarily limited too: pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages and loss of future earning capacity. 


What should I expect from the legal process?

A lawsuit is initiated by the filing of a Complaint against those responsible for your injuries.  After that, the lawsuit enters a mandatory discovery phase during which the parties exchange documents and depose witnesses relevant to the case.  After the discovery phase ends, the case will be listed for trial.


What about trial?

We prepare every case as if it is going to trial.  In our experience, this can maximize case value.  Although all of our personal injury clients must understand that their case may ultimately go to trial, most of our clients’ cases resolve by monetary settlement before trial begins.       

Honest and experienced. Excellent communications skills. Kept me in the loop. Wonderful staff. Very Knowledgeable.

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