5 Audiobooks For Your Next Road Trip

Listening to an audiobook on your next road trip will help entertain you and any passengers as you traverse the miles.

If you don’t already have a way to listen, start by downloading an app on your smartphone that will let you listen to books you buy or check out from the library. If you want to limit data use, download any books ahead of time.

Then, get ready to immerse yourself with these five audiobooks for your next road trip.

Little Fires Everywhere

This award-winning novel follows two families in suburban Ohio whose lives become intertwined when an artist mother and her daughter are brought into the lives of a wealthy family. The two mothers find themselves at odds when another family tries to adopt a Chinese-American baby. The custody battle that erupts divides the town, and secrets threaten to come out.

“’Little Fires Everywhere’ explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, and the ferocious pull of motherhood — and the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster,” according to author Celeste Ng’s website.

All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis

You can explore nonfiction with this national bestseller that presents essays about solutions to the climate crisis from dozens of women across many professions, generations, geographies, and races. Edited by Katharine K. Wilkinson and Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, these essays offer ideas for how to reshape society.

“While it’s clear that women and girls are vital voices and agents of change for this planet, they are too often missing from the proverbial ‘table,’” according to the book’s website. “More than a problem of bias, it’s a dynamic that sets us up for failure. To change everything, we need everyone.”

Mistborn: The Final Empire

Step outside the world with the first in a trilogy of fantasy novels that asks, “What if the hero of prophecy fails?” This saga has magic, martial arts, and a seemingly invincible enemy.

“In this setting, a gang of thieves decides that the prophecies were all lies and that they can’t trust in some fabled hero to save them,” Sanderson writes on his website. “They decide to take matters into their own hands, and plan a daring heist of the dark lord himself, planning to use the emperor’s own wealth to bribe his armies away from him and take over the empire.”

How To Be An Antiracist

This internationally bestselling memoir helped reshape the conversation about racial justice in the United States. Instead of working within the system, author Ibram X. Kendi asks readers to go beyond being not racist to being antiracist.

“He begins by helping us rethink our most deeply held, if implicit, beliefs and our most intimate personal relationships (including beliefs about race and IQ and interracial social relations) and reexamines the policies and larger social arrangements we support,” according to Kendi’s website.

The Lost Wonderland Diaries

If you’re traveling with children, this twist on “Alice in Wonderland” is a good option. It follows Celia and Tyrus, who find Lewis Carroll’s secret diaries that tell of his travels through Wonderland. The two of them are pulled into Wonderland, now filled with darkness, and must solve riddles with the help of familiar characters to escape before the Queen of Hearts captures them.

“It’s up to Celia and Tyrus to save Wonderland and the real world,” according to author J. Scott Savage’s website. “It’s a race against time before they are trapped in Wonderland forever.”

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