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A properly executed Last Will and Testament should settle questions of distribution of assets after a death in the family. Unfortunately, will contests and other types of estate litigation occur time after time. Even properly drafted and executed documents may be challenged. In New Jersey, a will can be contested if it was not properly executed, if the person lacked the legal capacity to do a new will, or if a person or caretaker exerted undue influence on the person to change the will in his or her favor.

For Example Negotiations Do Not Resolve Conflicts About Asset Distribution After Death
Those who initiate estate litigation are not necessarily being stingy and greedy. Rather, they may have deep-seated convictions that the wishes of a person who just died have been betrayed through fraud, forgery, undue influence or lack of capacity.
Adult children may accuse each other or caregivers of unduly influencing an older person who was allegedly not fully competent to sign a will or set up a trust, for example. A child who acted as caregiver of a parent may believe he or she was not rewarded amply enough in a will. Business partners may sue family members of a deceased person to recover interest in a business that they believe was wrongly distributed.

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