Medicaid applications and appeals

If the time has come for you to apply for Medicaid in Ocean or Monmouth County, it is advisable to talk to an elder law attorney. It is not uncommon for people who should be eligible to receive a Medicaid denial notice when they first apply. Our firm can assist you in fully understanding the rules for qualifying for Medicaid coverage.

Ocean County, Monmouth County Residents: If You Anticipate the Need for Medicaid as Still Far Off
Perhaps you anticipate applying for Medicaid in the near future or beyond and want advice on how to plan for that time. Depending on how far off that time is, there are a number of steps you can take to be prepared. In fact, Medicaid planning is an essential aspect of estate planning for many families. Postponing the issue inevitably results in great expense for many people. Beginning the journey toward Medicaid readiness is a smart thing to do before serious illness or infirmity strikes. Estate planning and elder law firm King, Kitrick, Jackson & McWeeney, LLC , has helped many people put plans in place in time to save money and enjoy peace of mind long before assets run out and health care needs intensify.

Explore your needs and options in an initial consultation with a knowledgeable, compassionate and well-respected elder law attorney at King, Kitrick, Jackson & McWeeney, LLC . Get answers to your questions and learn how our New Jersey lawyers can help you prepare to apply for Medicaid or appeal a Medicaid denial. Contact us at (732) 920-8383 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

On the other hand, perhaps the imminent need for Medicaid is now. You, your spouse or one or both of your parents should take action as soon as you anticipate an impending need for long-term care. Many nursing home and assisted living applications involve great complexities. Preparing to apply for Medicaid as needed to fund long-term care is a bewildering process for many aging or disabled people and their families.

Most people cannot afford or prefer not to spend on legal fees to prepare for or apply for Medicaid. The harsh reality of potential $10,000 per month nursing home bills awakens many people to the value of an experienced Medicaid planning attorney's services. Contact us by calling (732) 920-8383 or fill out our email request form to schedule a call.

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